Check usage reports in Enterprise Cloud Portal

Puffin Enterprise Cloud Portal's reports help provide a better understanding of how users are using Puffin Secure Browser.

When are reports generated?

The reports we currently offer are web access logs, which are generated 24 hours after new websites are visited.

What information is included in web access logs?

The information included in web access logs is listed as follows:

  • The time when a website is accessed (format: YY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss)
  • The IP address of the user.
  • The user's platform.
  • The user's email address.
  • The pseudonym of the user's device.
  • The website URL.

How do I download the logs?

  1. Navigate to Logs available for download (CSV format).
  2. If logs are available, links named after dates would be displayed.
  3. Click any dated links to download the log for the day.
  4. Downloadable logs are offered in CSV format. This lets you create more advanced reports and charts using other data analytics tools.

Please notice that Puffin Cloud Portal is only available for Business and Enterprise subscribers.

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