Getting Started with Enterprise Cloud Portal

Puffin Enterprise Cloud Portal ( is a cloud security admin console that helps you track license usage and configure Internet security policies for Puffin users in your organization.

Please notice that Puffin Cloud Portal is only available for Business and Enterprise subscribers. The account will be the mail domain of your organization and the default password will be sent to the contact mail which subscribed to the plan.

Track License Usage

The dashboard provides an overview of the available and occupied seats for your enterprise license. Click the blue number (current number of active devices) for detailed active device information.

Enforce Website Access Policies

Web filtering allows you to create block and allow lists of Internet destinations to avoid potential threats. Scroll to add new filterings and rules as needed.

Perform System-Wide Configurations and Site-Specific Security Policies

Manage system-wide file downloading, file uploading, and certification verification policies can be set up in Configurations. In addition to global settings, site-specific security settings can be configured in Security Policy.

Manage Puffin Users

User allow list lets you set the access permissions for Puffin Secure Browser based on individual user email addresses. By default, all users under your enterprise domain can register to use Puffin Secure Browser.

You can change the setting by deleting the default rule, then add/import user email addresses to the allow list.

Control IP-based Access

IP access lists restrict Internet browsing in Puffin Secure Browser to specific IP addresses or IP address ranges. Add a IP address to the access list to only allow users from this IP.

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