Using Security Policy in Enterprise Cloud Portal to block specific behavior on particular websites

Configure security policy settings for specific domains or hostnames when users visit them on Puffin Secure Browser.

Configurating Security Policies

The available rules you can set up depend on the global settings in Configurations. Only when a component is turned on in Configurations can you configure its corresponding security policies. When the following components are turned on in Configurations, they will appear as available options in security policies.

  • Certificate verification
  • Clipboard
  • File download
  • File upload

Security Policy

  1. Navigate to the Security Policy tab.
  2. Enter a domain or hostname where you want to specify a security policy.
  3. Check the options to include in this policy.
  4. Click Add.
  5. After adding a rule, you can still modify the affected features in the Policy rules section below.

Bulk Operations

In addition to adding security policy rules one by one, Puffin Enterprise Cloud Portal provides bulk import and export features.

  • Note: The file uploader supports text files in the format of one rule per line. Simply enter the domain name or hostname, followed by a space and the options you want to disable. For example:

    * disable_cert_verification disable_clipboard disable_upload disable_download

How to import a text file:

  1. Navigate to Policy rules.
  2. Click Import/export.
  3. Under the Import security policy rules section, click Browse and choose the target text file (.txt) to upload.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. Click OK when the confirmation dialog appears.
  6. The user emails are imported and will overwrite your existing data.

Once you have configured all security policy rules, you can download a text file (.txt) of the list to your hard drive. You can perform some editing, and import the file to Enterprise Cloud Portal again to add new rules.

How to export your security policy rules:

  1. Navigate to Policy rules.
  2. Click Import/export.
  3. Navigate to Export security policy rules.
  4. Click Export and download as a text file and save the file to your local hard drive.

Please notice that Puffin Cloud Portal is only available for Business and Enterprise subscribers.

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