Information on Enterprise Cloud Portal Dashboard

The dashboard presents a quick overview of the available and taken seats in your enterprise license. The following sections display different information about your license usage.

Monthly Active Devices

This section displays the number of active devices versus the maximum number of devices allowed in your enterprise plan. Click on the number to see detailed information on device IDs, last active users, and last recorded login time.

Other Information

The dashboard also provides:

  • User ID: Your enterprise ID, also the username for logging into Puffin Enterprise Cloud Portal.
  • License type: The license type of the plan you purchased from us.
  • Registration date: The date your account is created.
  • Contact mail: The IT administrator responsible for configuring settings on Enterprise Cloud Portal.
  • User whitelist: Whether you have configured the User whitelist or not.
  • Web filtering: Whether you have configured web filtering rules or not.
  • IP access lists (Enterprise feature): Whether you have configured IP access lists or not.

Please notice that Puffin Cloud Portal is only available for Business and Enterprise subscribers.

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