Keyboard Shortcuts

Puffin Secure Browser provides the following keyboard shortcuts to speed up your browsing flow.

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Open a new window Ctrl + N
Open a new window in Incognito mode Ctrl + Shift + N
Open a new tab Ctrl + N
Close the current tab Ctrl + W
Close the current window Ctrl + Shift + W
Open the Bookmarks Manager Ctrl + Shift + O
Open the History page in a new tab Ctrl + H
Open the Downloads page in a new tab Ctrl + J
Open options to print the current page Ctrl + P
Make everything on the page bigger Ctrl and +
Make everything on the page smaller Ctrl and -
Return everything on the page to default size Ctrl + 0
Open a link in new background tab Ctrl + Click link
Open a link, and jump to it Ctrl + Shift + Click link
Open a link in a new window Shift + Click link

For Mac Users, use "Cmd" instead of "Ctrl".

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