Getting Started with Puffin Secure Browser

Welcome! Below is an introduction to some basic features of Puffin Secure Browser.

New Tab Page

Find your most commonly visited websites here on the start page.


Enter the website address directly, or search for relevant keywords.

Incognito Mode

Browse with unparalleled privacy and confidentiality. All browsing history will be cleared once you exit your session.

Clear Your Browsing Data

For regular browsing, you can choose the types of data to delete, ranging from browsing history to autofill data, passwords, and more.

Get Help

For general questions or troubleshooting, see our help guide. Should you need assistance from our customer support team, please contact us and provide details on the issue you are experiencing. We are always happy to help.

When you are ready to try out more advanced features, visit our other links to learn more about how Puffin can help you with your daily work.

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