How do I use the Puffin TV Chatbot?

The Puffin TV Chatbot allows you to interact with the Puffin TV Browser via Facebook Messenger.*

First, press the Messenger icon on the Puffin TV Start Page. Then, click the Get Started button on Messenger to grant permission for the Puffin TV Chatbot to send messages to your device.

The following options will be shown via the Persistent Menu on Messenger:

  • Send Link: Send a link to Puffin TV Browser.
  • Bind Device: Connect your device to Puffin TV Browser through Messenger by entering the Bind Code as shown on your TV (You can bind multiple devices on your Messenger at the same time).
  • List Device: Show all devices connected to your Messenger account.
  • Unbind Device: Disconnect a TV device from your Messenger account.

*A Facebook account is required to use this feature.

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