Release Notes

Puffin OS E62_M5502A_V10 & E62_M5502B_V10

  • Fix search bar and "Search" app.
  • Update Whatsapp
  • Replace Puffin Plus with Puffin Cloud Store Demo
  • Replace Messenger Lite with Messenger (Full ver.)
  • Enabel APK sideload on Puffin OS Phone.

Puffin OS E62_M5502A_V09_20200506 & E62_M5502B_V09_20200506

  • Add chroumium and remove private browser
  • Update 3rd party apps
  • Update lemon plus to
  • Update NLP

Puffin OS E62_M5502A_V08_20200113 & E62_M5502B_V08_20200113

  • Updated the LINE Lite app.
  • Fixed: Blotches sometimes appear in photos taken by the Camera in low light.

Puffin OS E62_M5502A_V08_20191211 & E62_M5502B_V07_20191211

  • Updated Messenger Lite and WhatsApp.

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