What is the difference between Puffin Incognito Browser and Puffin Cloud Browser?

Puffin Incognito Browser is our mobile browser with incognito capability pushed to its limit. It focuses on extreme privacy which is especially for those who are looking for a browser dedicated to browsing privately, silently, and safely. Therefore, in contrast to our Puffin Cloud Browser which is a more day-to-day browser, Puffin Incognito Browser can be imagined as your browser solely used for browsing content that you don't want to leave a trace behind.

Therefore, we have designed Puffin Incognito Browser to protect user privacy and here we listed down some of the main differences compared to the Puffin Cloud Browser:

  • We close all the tabs and clear all website cookies and caches after exiting the browser (Learn more)
  • We block all the permissions (camera, microphone, geolocations, etc.) (Learn more)
  • We do not support upload/download function (Learn more)
  • We do not support copy function (Learn more)
  • We do not support flash (Learn more)

Besides what we have mentioned above, Apple has banned us from updating our Puffin Cloud Browser on Apple Store, meaning we can’t have new versions released. Right now, we try our best to fix bugs without updating new versions, however, it comes with its limitations and we can only do so much.

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