Cannot update Puffin Browser Pro

At times, the Google Play Store cannot identify payments to subscriptions if there are multiple accounts logged in on a device.

Please have the sole Google account with Puffin Browser Pro purchased logged in to the Google Play Store, then relaunch Puffin.

Also, do check to see if the date and time of your device is correct. To do so, go to Device Settings -> System -> Date & Time -> Use Network-Provided Time, then restart your device and try again.

If the methods above do not solve your issue, please uninstall Puffin, then download again from Google Play Store. You will not be charged twice for re-downloading the app.

If all else fails, please send us a Google Play Order Receipt for Puffin to Should you not be able to locate the receipt, click here to find Puffin Browser Pro, and send us a screenshot.

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